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Role Details
​Seeking an experienced Director of Photography to support the creation and development of LSS Universal
originals for television and streaming platforms.
Business Line: Television Production
Production Type:  Films | Show Series 
Position: Freelance 
Project Hire: Production Specific
Location(s): Los Angeles, CA | Atlanta, GA
The Directors of Photography (DP) is responsible for the photographic heart of LSS Universal productions. The DP will be play a critical role in following the development of the screenplay and work closely with the director to discuss the look and feel of all film productions.
The DP must research how to create the look of the film through lighting, framing and camera movement and what they will need in terms of the production crew to achieve project film goals.

The DP must be able to:

⦁ Organize by planning schedules to ensure accurate timing of production shots, gathering needed production crews, manage budgets and artistic logistics.

⦁ Plan, direct, and coordinate motion picture filming: confers with DIRECTOR, MOTION PICTURE regarding interpretation of scene and desired effects.
⦁ Read charts and computes ratios to determine required lighting, film, shutter angles, filter factors, camera distance, depth of field and focus, angles of view, and other variables to produce desired effects.
Discuss any special camera moves or lighting requirements with camera operators, gaffer and grip

⦁ Understand post-production work flow in the editing process. 
⦁ Communicate technical knowledge, while having an in-depth understanding of motion picture equipment, cameras, lens', monitors and lighting. 

⦁ Develop story boards to tell compelling stories while observing set or location and reviews drawings and other information relating to natural or artificial conditions to determine filming and lighting requirements.

⦁ Survey set or location for potential problems, observes effects of lighting, measures lighting levels, and coordinates necessary changes prior to filming.

⦁ View films after processing and makes adjustments, as necessary, to achieve desired effect.

Basic Qualifications
  • 7+ years working in the video production/film industry as a cinematographer.

  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Film, Production or a similar field.

  • Thorough understanding of cinematographic processes/techniques and editorial.

  • Knowledge of camera equipment and operation.

  • Excellent working knowledge of Motion Builder, Maya and Unreal Engine is a major plus.

  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with multiple departments to solve challenges to deliver a compelling story.

  • Ability to deliver clear and concise feedback to supporting departments within the development team and external partners.

  • A sense of timing, good eye for details, as well as cinematic flair.

  • Portfolio showing style/reel or vimeo/youtube page showcasing 3 most recent projects.

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